Everything You Need To Know About Conveyancing

Buying a property is the biggest investment one can ever make in his lifetime. The buying of property may seem like a simple task but it has so many covenants attached to it, so much work and complexities are involved in the background which are not visible to the naked eye. Selling or buying of property consists of many legalities attached to it and is considered as a legal transfer.

It is a common misconception that the buying of property is not a complex task and all you need to do is decide on your requirements and then find a house which sits well with all your requirements and later generate enough cash to purchase the house. However, things are not as easy as they may seem and you need to know about the conveyancing in marrickville process first. Once you are done with the procedure of conveyancing, then you would able to move in the house of your dreams.

Conveyancing is the process in which the property title is transferred from the seller to the buyer. There’s a difference between a conveyancer and a solicitor. A conveyancer is a far better option than opting for a solicitor as the conveyancer has a vast experience in the conveyancing field.

 The process of conveyancing consists of a few steps and few of them are that the conveyancer checks the purchase or sale agreement decided between the buyer and the seller. He also ensures that no third parties are involved in the agreement who have their ulterior motives involved in the transaction of the property. He would also take care of any issues arising due to mortgage and will also keep a keen eye on the whole title transfer process to ensure that the title is transferred smoothly without any issues or glitches in the whole process. Despite all of this, At Uconvey, our conveyancer would still be available to give you advices throughout the whole time.

Conveyancing also helps you save a lot of bucks in future. Our conveyancer ensures that the seller does not make a spelling mistake in your name because if there’s an issue in the name, the paperwork would have to be done again which could be very costly. Hiring a conveyancer would ensure that you make no critical mistakes while buying your dream houses because any such mistake would cost you a fortune later.

Our conveyancers know their way around this job. They have contacts and networks in the real estate industry and with financial institutions such as bank to ensure that there are no loan or loan covenants attached to the buying of the property of if any third party is involved in the transaction, they have no ulterior and personal motives regarding the buying or selling of property.

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